Vortex Mod Manager is a free, open-source mod manager created by Nexus Mods, the largest modding community online. It aims to provide an easy and automated way for users to install mods for their games without having to deal with manual installs, load orders, conflicts, etc.

What is Vortex Mod Manager?

Vortex Mod Manager is a free and open-source mod management tool created by Nexus Mods to simplify modding for beginner and veteran users alike. With support for popular Bethesda games that utilize the Creation Engine like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout 4, Fallout New Vegas and more, Vortex aims to streamline the entire modding process from finding to installing to managing mods.

Featuring an intuitive user interface, powerful organization and load order tools, automated conflict detection and resolution, remote installation of Nexus mods, and robust profile support for different mod configurations, Vortex makes modding as accessible and hassle-free as possible.

By handling tedious mod tasks like sorting and troubleshooting conflicts, Vortex allows users to focus on creating their ideal customized gaming experience. Both novice and experienced modders can appreciate Vortex’s versatility, automation, and optimization for stable modded games.

Vortex Mod Manager Download For PC

Tool Name Vortex Mod Manager
Version 1.11.3
Size149 MB
System Requirement.NET 6.0+, Windows 10 and Above
Released On 15 February 2018



Releases Of Vortex Mod Manager



  • uncaught exception if reading load order failed
  • rare exception trying to update rule after collection install
  • rare error notifications while installing extensions
  • exception from external library (seemingly random but very very rare)
  • exception if deployment canceled during finalize
  • exception if profile deleted while inst. dependencies
  • exception switching game from command line if the target game is no longer discovered
  • exception when receiving invalid collections (either invalid meta data or with invalid json file)
  • exception if fomod is missing required field
  • various (rare) exception if user manages game that isn’t discovered
  • exception if sever response re endorsement is invalid
  • error if game got unmanaged while installing collection
  • bad error handling if installer sandbox failed
  • filtering by dependencies was broken if column is disabled
  • option to power off when downloads finish broken
  • conflict between files in .git directory reported
  • “bepinex-root” installer not working if archive contains directories
  • redundant “Install Optional Mods” action in mod actions
  • not applying binary patches to optional mods
  • when cloning a collection the version matching mode got reset
  • fetching collection meta information could revert customized collection name
  • would sometimes group unrelated collections on the mod screen
  • not handling correctly when extensions depends on disabled extension
  • (SDV) report error if all manifests in a mod are invalid
  • (SDV) unhandled error is response from smapi.io invalid
  • (SDV) exception trying to install mods not intended for SDV
  • (Morrowind) crash if failed to read plugins during startup
  • (Blade & Sorcery) bad error reporting trying to install mod when game isn’t installed
  • (Blade & Sorcery) error notification if user cancels writing load order


  • updated electron to 24.1.2
  • update loot to 0.19.3
  • using OAuth for new log-ins
  • rating displayed on collection is now the overall rating instead of the revision rating
  • improved some error handling/reporting
  • various improvements to handling buggy extensions
  • redirect suggestions to feedback.nexusmods.com
  • cleaner error message if dependency url unsupported
  • better error handling if tool setup (in extension) invalid or generally tool fails to run
  • “mod type” field in mod sidebar now shows a “preview” of deployment target folder
  • more obvious that mod type field is unavailable on uninstalled mod
  • allow collection instructions to be set and viewed
  • various UI changes around how collection instructions are displayed
  • as far as possible, errors caused by extensions should now send users to the corresponding site instead of the Vortex tracker
  • Extensions list can now hide the extensions included with Vortex
  • better handling of very long file paths in notifications
  • progress bar when fixing un-finalized downloads
  • (Baldurs Gate 3) better error for lslib failure
  • (Wolcen) better error message if mod xml invalid


  • allow extensions to specify their own issue tracker
  • dropped harmony-patcher (has been defunct for a while)